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Completing Transactions

Through Interactive Forms

Empowers companies large and small with the ability to be timely and efficient, while bringing clients closer to closing the deal.

Commercial Board Forms


Incorporates the 49 commercial forms that have been created by the Atlanta Commercial Board of REALTORS®. Easily fill in form fields, strike through text and even add text such as special stipulations or extra signature blocks.

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Take a look at how others are improving their business ... and their bottom line ... with Commercial Board Forms.

About Us

Commercial Board Forms are created and maintained by the Atlanta Commercial Board of REALTORS®.


Find answers to the most frequently asked questions received and get one step closer to closing the deal.

Static PDFs

Atlanta Commercial Board of REALTORS® members have access to print non-interactive PDF contracts at no cost..

Commercial Board Forms

Fair Pricing

Draft accounts are FREE to start. Pay a one-time setup fee when you are ready to print your first contract. Tokens will be used each time you print a final version of your form. There is never a charge to print drafts. The number of tokens necessary to print varies by form. Tokens can be added to your account in increments of $20.

Now, pricing is fair for the small office and large company alike!

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Constantly Updated

Brokers, clients, co-brokers, attorneys and administrative staff can all collaborate by sending revisable drafts to each other (at no charge) before printing a final document. Anyone can download the program. There is never a charge to use the FULL program until a final form is printed.

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