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The most common issue experienced is logging into the site. Please try to use the prompts to retrieve your password. If you are still unable to login, please contact the ACBR Board offices at 404-250-0051.

ACBR Members simply pay a $125 activation fee which includes a one-time start-up fee and $50 balance towards final forms copies. Non-members pay a $200 activation fee which includes a one-time start-up fee and $50 balance towards final forms copies. ACBR members received preferred pricing on each form. The system checks the Board's active and paid members database when you pay to purchase a final print. ACBR Members also have access for free to the static pdf forms to print and download at any time. These forms are not interactive, just simply a print-only copy.
ACBR Forms works in all browsers.

Please Note:We recommend you use Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari for best results with creating and editing new Forms.

When you upgraded to Windows 10, you received a new browser, Microsoft Edge. So this displays:

Windows 10 Error Message

The message is the solution! Click on the "…" (3 dots) at the top-right of the Edge browser, and select the "Open with Internet Explorer" option:

Windows 10 Solution

If the Form you are trying to open was created before June 22, 2016, you will still need to use Internet Explorer to open the file. Any new Forms created after June 22, 2016 can be accessed from any Browser.
Based on the fact that users are more accepting of forms backed by the Atlanta Commercial Board, the program was developed for users signing the customized form to clearly see what the original form stated and what has been added or deleted from the text.

New text is shown in a different font and blue so that it is differentiated from the original black text. Strikeouts are also evident. When you create a PDF, you can select "clean copy" and all of the tracked changes will match the standard font.
Be sure the pop-up blocker is OFF. The form editor is a pop-up, so if the pop-up blocker is on you will not be able to pull up a form. To turn off all pop-up blockers, "control click".
Check to be sure the percentage shown in the bottom right corner of the screen is 100%. If there is anything other than 100%, click and reset to 100% or as you enter information into the form the cursor will jump all over the page.
This User ID and password are needed so we can keep the tokens assigned to the correct account. If you are a member of ACBR, once you verify your account you must use your Board username and password to ensure you receive favorable pricing.

Note: For best results, your User ID should be your email address and the password is any combination of characters of your choosing.
Yes, there is no restriction to logging on with the same ID.

An office could have one id that everyone uses and purchases are made from the one account.

Note: it is possible for an error to occur if two people are trying to access the exact same thing at the exact same time but all they would have to do is try again.
Yes, you can fully utilize the program and even save your work and print DRAFT copies of the forms. You only need an account to print the FINAL version for signature.
We have established a price per final form model to be fair to as many users as possible. This pricing system allows many users have access to the program and only imposes a cost on the individual who creates the final PDF. Those who don't do many transactions have a lower cost and some participants in a transaction may have no cost at all. This setup is ideal when there is a client, attorney, co-broker or others who are involved only in a particular transaction, would like to be involved in the editing process, but would not be interested in purchasing a program. This system means that some individuals and firms now have a much lower annual cost, and allow more people to participate, than a pricing model that charges an annual fee for every user regardless of their level of use. One of the benefits that we foresaw was that in some firms only the broker or an administrative person has an account with a balance and everyone else in the firm uses the program at no cost. When a final form is needed then the designated person creates the PDF, or, the password is shared by everyone in the office to create their form. This is working very well for a number of firms.
Each document or form has a set price to print the final copy. The value of each form is determined by whether or not you are an ACBR Member.

To view the amount for each form, click here.
Once you purchase a form, you have an additional 7 days to edit the document and reprint as needed. After that time, you will need to pay to print another 'final' PDF.
At this time there in not an expiration date on your balance. If the Board decides to change this policy, all users will be given ample notice.
You can to your account balance in increments of $20.
The best solution is to have an Atlanta Commercial Board member create an account that the admin can use to print the final documents. A company could have one account and let multiple agents use that account.
Yes. ACBR Forms is a web based software solution allowing you access to all of your forms from anywhere an internet connection is available.
Yes, you can use the software anywhere an internet connection is avaialable.
Go to the table in which you want to add more signature lines and click on “Table” at the top of the screen and add as much as you like.
You can save an ACBR Form file with information in it and use it as a template. However, you need to make sure there is not an updated version of the ACBR Form document from time to time.
Yes, all changes will display in the final document, however it is now possible to choose to print a "clean copy" of the forms that will not show the changes.
No, not in the current version.
Yes and No.

You CAN from other programs such as Word.

You CANNOT from within the cbf form.
Yes, each form or document costs tokens to print a final version. However, the cost number of tokens required might be different.
You can edit the header but like anywhere else in the form, it will show strike-through. You can add your company before or after the header if you wish; You cannot change the footer.
Not at all, you can type as many characters into a field as you need. However, if you try to delete a field it will reduce to 2 spaces.
Yes, and you might need to check page breaks just to make sure it aligns correctly.
Some courts have ruled that if a Purchase Agreement allows the buyer to terminate the agreement and get all its Earnest Money back, the Agreement was in essence an unenforceable option, and a failure of consideration renders the Agreement null and void. In that instance, any obligations which the parties intended would survive the termination fo the contract no longer exist. Allowing the seller to keep $100 of the Earnest Money in all events provides consideratin for the agreement and avoids this problem.
Yes, you are really just creating a final PDF file. This gives you the freedom to print it, email it, store it etc.