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Members Say

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    Commercial Board Forms is a streamlined and succinct way to modify and update the forms. Many of the commercial agents in our office use this platform and the product helps to facilitate deals.

    Alon Hilton Price, CCIM
    Adams Commercial, REALTORS®
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    Sometimes negotiations will extend beyond standard business hours; Commercial Board Forms allows me to make last-minute changes anytime, so I can respond to deadlines that may be critical to the transaction. Commercial Board Forms has allowed me to be more flexible, providing the opportunity to close more deals this year.

    Peter Webster
    Advocate Commercial Real Estate
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    Commercial Board Forms is a product that I can whole heartedly recommend. The forms are thoroughly vetted and updated on an ongoing basis and the software is intuitive and provides excellent functionality. You can now prepare, collaborate and complete complicated commercial transactions all from your web connected computer wherever you are whenever is necessary. This is an excellent service of our Board and a must for every real estate practitioner!

    Howard Boyd, SIOR
    Hailey Realty Company