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ACBR Forms is software that incorporates the 50+ commercial forms that have been created by the Forms Committee of the Atlanta Commercial Board of REALTORS®.

It allows you to fill in form fields easily, strike through text and even add text such as special stipulations or extra signature blocks.

All ACBR Forms are available for printing as is or completely customized. Both you and your clients will be able to completely revise and re-revise any contract until you're both completely satisfied and ready to complete the transaction. This outstanding application allows staff the ability to manage not just a Sales Representative, but a Sales Force, from both the both sides of the deal.

The transaction process will proceed more efficiently when you use ACBR Forms.

The Forms Committee of the Atlanta Commercial Board of REALTORS® is constantly reviewing and adding to the forms library which currently contains over forty forms relating to all aspects of commercial real estate transactions including:
    Purchase and Sale Agreements
    Commission Agreements
    Listing Agreements
    and many more ...

Complete List
You can personalize the forms any way you like including the ability to have a personal library to store phrases, often used special stipulations, addresses, logos, site plans, surveys, floorplans, etc., which makes preparing forms quick and easy.

The only person who needs an account, EVER, is the person that prints the FINAL document. Firms only need to have one account for their company and agents could use the program permanently at no charge with the administrative person printing the final version.

The interactive program enables users to fill in blanks, strike through text and/or add text as necessary. Modifications are clearly noted with font changes and strikethroughs for all parties involved to see.
ACBR Forms allows all users to utilize the software, create and manipulate the full 50+ forms free of charge. You only need to pay to set up an account if you intend to print a final PDF form for execution.

The printed form that is produced with the free draft account has "DRAFT" printed across the document.
ACBR Forms software and forms content has been developed for the members of the Atlanta Commercial Board of REALTORS®. Members of the Board receive a discounted rate on the forms software, as well as access to static PDF forms for their use when not able to utilize the software online.

If you’re not a current member of the Atlanta Commercial Board, we encourage you to join today to take advantage of ACBR Forms member pricing.

Did you know, the ACBR is the largest commercial board in the country serving the commercial real estate community in Georgia?

Static PDF Forms
If you could complete transactions through an interactive website, would you?

Imagine having your legal team in Atlanta completing a deal in unison with your Chicago based office to finalize a contract with a client from San Francisco. Now, that's collaboration.

With today's advancements in cell phones and PDAs its all possible from the convenience of your desk, laptop, or any device with web access. It's even possible for a single person to manage an entire company's contracts while sitting poolside in the Bahamas. ACBR Forms gives you this freedom.

It empowers companies large and small with the ability to be timely and efficient, while bringing clients closer to closing the deal.
ACBR Forms is set up to utilize a pricing model which allows users to only incur a cost when they print final PDF forms to sign. Your cost reflects your usage, so if you only produce one or two forms per month your cost is proportionately less than if you produced 10 or 20 forms per month. This model is fair to both the small and large firms, whereas you only pay for what you use and you only pay to print the final version.

To setup an account, ACBR Members simply pay $125, which includes a one time start-up fee and $50 balance. A non-member pays $200 which includes a one time start-up fee and $50 balance. The only person who needs an account, EVER, is the person that prints the FINAL document.

Work on a form for 1 day or 1 year. You don’t pay for the form until you and all parties involved agree to the contract.

Straight forward and simple, Pay As You Print.

When you're ready to print the finalized agreement, you'll be asked to pay and the "DRAFT" is removed. Atlanta Commercial Board members receive specialized member pricing.

The Forms Committee of the Atlanta Commercial Board is staffed by industry leaders in commercial real estate and members of some of Atlanta's leading legal firms. Together they represent nearly 200 years of transactions in Atlanta's commercial real estate market. An attorney is present during the discussion and finalization of all of the forms, ensuring each forms accuracy. Additionally, a sub-committee reviews each of the forms content on a routine basis.

You can be assured that every effort has been made to produce quality and binding legal documents. ACBR Formsm stand up to the toughest legal scrutiny and are in full compliance with the Georgia Real Estate Commission and Georgia law.