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Introducing CommercialBoardForms:
CommercialBoardForms is software that incorporates the 49 commercial forms that have been created by the Forms Committee of the Atlanta Commercial Board of REALTORS┬«. It allows you to fill in form fields easily, strike through text and even add text such as special stipulations or extra signature blocks. The transaction process will proceed more efficiently when you use CommercialBoardForms.  Our Forms Editor is currently available in all web browsers, so you are no longer limited to Internet Explorer!

Fair Pricing:

To setup an account Commercial Board Members simply pay $100, which includes a one time start-up fee and 100 tokens. A non-member pays $150 which includes a one time start-up fee and 100 tokens.The only person who needs an account, EVER, is the person that prints the FINAL document.This means that a firm with an administrative person only needs to have only one account and agents could permanently use the program at no charge with the administrative person printing the final version. Tokens will be used each time you print a final version of your form (there is never a charge to print drafts). The number of tokens necessary to print varies by form. Now, pricing is fair for the small office and large company alike as you only pay for what you use and you only pay to print the final version. The final version is a PDF which will allow printing multiple copies at no additional charge.

Brokers, clients, co-brokers, attorneys and administrative staff can all collaborate by sending revisable drafts to each other (at no charge) before printing a final document. Anyone can download the program. There is never a charge to use the FULL program until a final form is printed.

Commercial Board Owned:
This system has been created by the Atlanta Commercial Board of REALTORS┬« for the benefit of its members. CommercialBoardForms is owned by the Board and will be updated to best meet the needs of our members.

Constantly Updated:
The ACBR Forms Committee and legal counsel review all documents on a regular schedule and changes will be made to the online forms immediately.

You can personalize the forms any way you like including the ability to have a personal library to store phrases, often used special stipulations, addresses, etc. which makes preparing forms quick and easy. It is also easy to start filling in your forms with standard information such as company name, address, phone, fax etc. The form, filled in with this base information, can then be saved as a template which makes starting a new transaction a very quick process.

How To Access PDF Forms:
Commercial Board Members may still print non-interactive PDF versions of any of the CommercialBoardForms. To access these forms click on the "Static PDF Forms" tab on the white bar above.

The program has been well received because of its ease of use and flexibility. CommercialBoardForms can save you time and money, too!

Brought to you by the Atlanta Commercial Board of REALTORS®